Terming Pratish Nair, as a transformational coach would be to undermine his galaxy of creativity that streams from storytelling to movie direction to script writing to strategic activities for entrepreneurs and filmmakers. He is a creative powerhouse that has redefined the word 'Corporate Training'. He infuses wit, scientific knowledge and deep insight into all his programs to a style that is incredibly unique, almost like a biometric fingerprint. He puts tremendous impetus to help people get in touch with their inner child.

Over the past 14 years, Pratish has mentored over two lakh corporate professionals, creative artists, leaders, techies and CEOs to reach beyond themselves. The thunderous laughter that fills all his workshops authenticates his witty nature. He believes laughter opens the doors to learning and he leaves no stone unturned to make the most of it. To give wings to his passion he started his own film production house that produces Malayalam films.

This stands as a testament to all the enthusiasm he puts into following a dream. Everything in his life is backed with passion, creativity and determination. Like a beautiful tapestry, Pratish has interwoven his innate talents and skills to help others weave their own destiny.

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