Hospitality Partner for ITCH 2020 – Le Sutra.

ITCH 2020 presents their Hospitality Partner – Le Sutra Mumbai, the Indian Art Hotel.

Le Sutra Mumbai was the first art hotel in the country, where 120 designers, sculptors and artists came together to create one of the most unique hotels in the world. Renowned Hollywood Director Baz Luhrman partnered with Australia’s award-winning artist Vincent Fantauzzo to paint the wall of Le Sutra Mumbai, attracting International attention. This catapulted us as an organization and we decided to create rental art homes based on abstractions of tribal arts.

Taking from a palette of philosophy, myth, art form, and historic pride, it turned out to be quite a journey as we delved across time in our search of the illusive Indian-ness.

At Le Sutra we’ve tried to weave thousands of years of Indian ethos and narrate it through contemporary Indian Art.

Our Hotel promises to be a unique destination not only for business but also for your leisure trips and long stay. Some of the amenities provided by the hotel include Angdai Day Spa, Out Of the Blue which caters 24/7 & In-Room Dining, Deli by the Blue & Olive Bar & Kitchen, Karma Korner (Spiritual Book Store) & Art Gallery (Banquet). To enhance the experience of your stay with us, each guest is presented with a souvenir at the end of their stay that represents the Art of the room they stayed in. We hold the distinction of being the only Indian Art hotel in the world.


The Hingori Sutras are a series of easy-to-read books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Indian siddh gurus.

Written by someone who, within a span of a few years, transcended the journey from student to teacher of spiritualism, these books bridge the gap between ignorance and wisdom by demystifying spiritual concepts and practices. They could help you identify your path and hasten your footsteps.

Led by the mission of connecting people to their spiritual selves, the Hingori Sutras have a vision of leading hundreds into sainthood within the next 10 years. While to some this may sound outlandish, this is an achievable task because we have already seen 40% traction in results.