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Anju Kish - An itch to break the wall of silence and UnTaboo sex education

Everybody wants to do it, but nobody wants to talk about it. Sex is one of the most taboo topics in our society. The people who talk about it are labelled as ‘corrupted’ while the ones who do it…well they just do it! It’s a topic which is rarely discussed openly, unless in the form of a joke or a gloat. And as far as kids are concerned, sex does not exist, or atleast the parents wished they could erase this concept from the child’s world. Kids are not supposed to know, teens are expected to learn on their own and young adults are considered pros. No one gives a damn about how these transitions happen.

Anju Kish picked up the baton of responsibility to provide sex education to children, teens and young adults while trying hard to break taboos surrounding the topic to help adults break the wall of silence.

If you think you need sex education – be there. If you think you know it all, challenge accepted, says Anju!

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