Swami Vivekananda rightly said, "You can see and hear from your eyes and ears but can't experience anything without the presence of mind."

Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan are an enterprising and inspiring couple from Kerala who have funded their holidays to different corners of the world by selling tea and coffee.

Married for 45 years now with two lovely daughters, the couple has always globe-trotting goals.

"I want to see this world. That is my desire, my only desire" says Vijayan who has visited almost 23 breathtakingly beautiful parts of the world who's inspiring story won the Film Fare Award for Best Non-fiction Film, 2018.

Their cosy tea shop, Sree Balajee Coffee House, exhibits various posters, photographs, maps, newspaper cuttings and bills of places they've been to, gets about 300-350 customers as a daily. Their tea shop may not be overwhelmingly popular in the neighbourhood however their money saving strategy has proven to be smart. "We have no workers or employees. We are the workers and managers." says Vijayan in reference to how they save money and run their business. Through a combination of saving Rs. 300 every day and by drawing bank loans, they fund their dreams. After every trip of cherished memories they spend about 3 years working passionately and repaying the loan.

"We have only one lifetime to do everything. You can't create extra time for it" says Vijayan who proves that neither age nor monetary factors stand a chance to come in their way to fulfil their dreams. The couple's undying love and passion for exploring is what keeps them going. Right from New Zealand to USA, there has been no stopping to their journey and goals to explore the world.

To conclude, I'll like to quote something beautiful said by Vijayan, "All that's attained and to be attained has to be left behind. And we should travel with a free mind, that's when life becomes fulfilled. I want to travel more. How? Because I have will power.”

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